The 10 Most Famous Cat Breeds of 2020

There are of course many other breeds of cats but we want to give a general idea about famous cats that we thought were worth talking about! Though in reality, they are all worth talking about. Depending on your personality, your way of living, your family, you can easily pick one furry friend that matches your needs.

So you are finally deciding to adopt a new companion? Your decision might not be that simple if you want to make sure that the type of cat you choose is the right fit for you and/or your family.

Here is a list of famous cat breeds that will ease you into the world of cat ownership in 2020!

1. The Mixed Shelter Cat

We could not start this article without mentioning the shelter cat. We consider to be Russian Blue in his veins! What makes them so special? The Russian Blue is shy and likes a calm environment. Russian Blues have a peaceful character, but they can also be very playful. It is a cat that’s very easy to take care of with a well-balanced personality.

  • Shy, “stay-at-home character”
  • Peaceful
  • Playful
  • Easy to take care of

2. The Maine Coon

It’s the biggest of domestic cats. When he reaches 4 years old, he weighs approximately between 6 and 8 Kg (13-17 pounds). If you are the lucky owner of a male, he could even reach 12-14 Kg (26-30 pounds). That’s what we call a beast!

His behavioral traits are steady throughout his/her entire life: it’s a playful and curious cat. He can also be very calm and particularly affectionate which makes it easy for him to adapt to indoor life. He is also fond of roaming around in the garden. A Maine Coon’s fur is the medium length which makes it a fairly easy cat to take care of.

  • The biggest of domestic cats
  • Playful
  • Curious
  • Calm and affectionate
  • Fairly easy to take care of

3. The Persian

A famous and prestigious cat, selected by us humans for its soft temper. Sociable, playful and cuddly, the Persian is perfect for the first time cat owner.

This cat loves to nap and his laziness is L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y which really makes him the perfect cuddle companion. However, this cat is less easy to take care of because he requires more attention. Why? Long fur is the answer. Brushing him every day is almost a necessity if you want to save his beautiful and luxurious fur! It’s also important to know that this cat cannot survive without you, he is not a good hunter and prefers the comfort of a cozy house.

  • Sociable
  • Playful
  • Lazy and Cuddly
  • Long fur = daily brushing
  • Indoor cat

4. The Birman (or sacred Birman)

A mysterious and beautiful cat! The Birman is very calm and enjoys the quietness of a peaceful environment. They are sociable but will nurture a special relationship with only one master. They can also get upset pretty easily if they do not get what they want .

Let’s not forget that the Birman (not to be confused with Burmese) is a playful cat, even as he gets older, it is his way of socializing. He is also fairly easy to take care of with his medium-length fur (little brushing every month should be enough).

  • Mysterious and beautiful
  • Calm, prefers a quiet environment
  • Sociable but exclusive
  • Strong character
  • Playful
  • Fairly easy to take care of

5. The Siamese

The Siamese cat has a very specific look that makes him very easy to identify. This look goes along with a very strong personality. This is a cat for people looking for uniqueness. He is very active and playful. His sociability is expressed very differently depending on the family members.

He often shows a preference for one member which could create jealousy among children if you have several. Despite this preference, he does have a great way with children in general, he is a great companion for a family if you know what to expect.

He will follow his master everywhere and will express his feelings in a very noisy way. They say that the Siamese do not meow, they “speak”. The Siamese cat is also very impatient and tends to avoid strangers. His short fur makes him super easy to take care of.

  • Unique look and personality
  • Active, playful and athletic
  • Creates a different relationship with every family member
  • Soft with children
  • Talkative
  • Impatient
  • Not very sociable with strangers
  • Easy to take care of

6. The Chartreux

A rare breed of a cat!! This is a family cat. He is calm and sociable, gets along well with kids… His long and beautiful blue-gray hair requires occasional brushing but it’s worth it.

He sheds in June and you will need togive him extra attention at this time in order to help him get rid of his dead hair. Chartreux cats are soft and affectionate but still very independent, they demand respect.

Chartreux cats will watch you from far away. Most will only come to you and cuddle when they feel like it. In a nutshell, this cat is what you would expect from a cat: mysterious and independent, the perfect feline.

  • Rare
  • Calm and affectionate
  • Sociable but discrete
  • Very independent
  • Requires occasional brushing

7. The Scottish Fold

One of Brittany’s favorite. This cat has got very distinct physical traits with his folded ears and I believe that’s also why he is becoming more and more popular. The origin of this cat is a genetic mutation that became fancied by British and American breeders.

This cat is kind and gentle but also has every trait of a rustic cat: he is particularly agile and tonic. He is also playful and cuddly! You will have to be careful with his little beautiful ears; because they are folded, parasites are more likely to develop in there so make sure to clean them regularly and everything will be fine.

  • Unique folded ears
  • Kind, gentle, very sociable
  • Agile and tonic
  • Playful and cuddly
  • Fairly easy to take care of but needs attention to his ears

8. The Abyssinian

This cat looks almost like a miniature Puma. He is elegant and smart, ready to run around for hours: He is a real athlete! Despite this frenetic need for exercise, the Abyssian requires a lot of affection.

He will stick around until he gets his cuddles, it’s almost vital for him. He will make it loud and clear if he needs something but his meows are far from annoying, they are more like a little music that you will get used to pretty fast.

Just like for the Siamese, the Abyssian tends to gravitate around one specific person. He does not do very well with strangers, although, if treated with respect, could becomea very playful buddy. With his short hair, he does not require too much effort to take care of.

  • Agile and fast: an athlete
  • Requires a lot of affection
  • Musical meows
  • Gravitates around one specific person
  • Does not do very well with strangers
  • Easy to take care of

9. The Ragdoll

This is one very special furry companion. One could even wonder if we are still dealing with a feline here. The Ragdoll has the softest, calmest and most docile personality of all cats. The same goes for his physical attributes: if you ever hold him in our arms, you will instantly know what I am talking about.

The Ragdoll cat will feel like he is almost boneless. This cat is extremely loyal and will follow his master everywhere in a quest for cuddles. The way he moves reflects his relaxed personality, he is indeed pretty slow. We think it’s the perfect apartment cat.

Be careful though, he is so trusting and laid back that he can sometimes put himself in real danger. He does not feel pain like other cats which can potentially be dangerous for him as he will not react appropriately. A surprising fact about this cat is that he does not know how to fall back on his paws when falling from your arms.

  • Super kind
  • Calm and docile personality
  • Flexible
  • Slow reflexes
  • Does not perceive danger
  • Fairly easy to take care of

10. The Stray

Ok, it’s true, a stray cat does not belong to a particular breed. It is nonetheless one of the most popular cats that you can find almost anywhere. Difficult to sum up their behavioral traits in a little paragraph as there are so many different types of stray cats.

The stray cat is a natural hunter, protecting farms and country houses from little rodents. He successfully adapted to the modern world and is now a member of lots of families around the world.

He will be happy indoor or outdoor, he is indeed born with high flexibility. Although their personalities will vary, they will love cuddles as well as keeping a little independence. We highly encourage you to find a stray cat at your local shelter.

  • Many different types
  • Natural hunters
  • Cuddly and independent
  • They need your help