Group of companies Donmezoglu Domestic and Foreign Trade Investment Co.Inc was established in 2003, and it’s dedicated to bringing together the best minds and experience in logistics, mining, warehousing, export and import.

Donmezoglu’s logistics strategy is based on the goods of its customers; it is based on the delivery of the right goods at the right time, without damage and at the most affordable cost, sharing the right information at the right time. We offer effective and fast solutions for all local or inter-city transports of cement, food, iron & steel industry and commodity trades, from ports to warehouses / factories, from warehouses / factories to ports, between facilities and so on.

With the proximity to ports such as Limakport, Yazıcı Demirçelik, Assan, Isdemir, Ekinciler, MMK, Tosyali and Atakash in Iskenderun, we provide all handling and warehousing 24/7 services such as packaging, labeling, stowing to both domestic and international customers.

Group of companies Donmezoglu combines its strength in logistics with mining investments and continues to export industrial raw materials such as bauxite, pumice, bentonite, zinc, basalt, dolomite and red tuff to Europe, Far East and Middle East.

Now We are happy to present yet another brand new company of high quality cat litter product manufactured in Turkey, the clumping cat litter from bentonite reserves available in our country. We are proud to launch the new pet care product under our own brand ‘KiKiKat’. Performing very careful analysis and different experiments on cat litter products, We’ve been very successful in choosing the right ‘win-win’ strategy to maintain the health and wellness of pets. Our bentonite cat litter is extremely hygienic and eco-friendly. The dust level is lower than 0,5%, that is much below than the litter available in market nowadays. We are always there, all over the world, with the best product and service for you and your beloved cats.